Antique and Classic Boat Show at Big Cedar Lodge

by Big Cedar Lodge 28. September 2012 13:40
Big Cedar Lodge was honored to host The Antique and Classic Boat Society’s 37th Annual Meeting and Boat show this past week. Members from across the nation brought 150 of the most unique, beautiful and classic boats to the Bent Hook Marina on Table Rock Lake. The participants took part in roundtable discussions, symposiums, benefit auction, and lots of food and fun. The Antique & Classic Boat Society is the largest society in the world dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of historic, antique, and classic boats of all types.

Conference Services Manager, Courtney Munday, thought the event was a huge success. After working with the group for three years, “It was great to see it finally here!” Courtney said.

“The boats were beautiful and the owners are definitely passionate about their antique and classic boats.”

We found the owners not only passionate about their boats but passionate about life in general. What else would make you load a boat and pull it half-way across the United States just to hang out with a bunch of boat lovers? These owners are loving life!

Each member's face lit up as they explained the interesting history or characteristics of their particular boat. From year, make, horsepower, to how they came to procure the boat; each story was as unique as the details on the boats themselves.

The Foxy Lady, a 1955 Higgins, was brought to the Big Cedar Bent Hook Marina by owner Donald Ploetner. The firey red boat has won "Best in Show" and "2010 Best Boat" awards.

The Miss America IX, an 1100 horsepower 1930 Gar Wood speed setter, won "Best in Class Antique Preserved Race Boat" during the Big Cedar show. With the engine fired up, she certainly deserves a crown.

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Take Your Fitness To Go

by Big Cedar Lodge 21. September 2012 15:09
Our final question of the week for Fitness Instructor, John Bennett, is:

Q: Can you outline a fitness routine for a Big Cedar Lodge Guest?

A: I can do more than outline; I can design a workout routine to bring results by targeting specific areas and tailor the workout specifically to each guest. Any guest is welcome to come by the fitness center, and I will personally design a workout that they can do while they are here at Big Cedar. When a guest leaves the Fitness Center, they will have a diagram of each exercise including form, reps, and intensity. They can use it while they are here, or take it home. I like to stay in contact with the guests even after they leave the lodge. And guests are welcome to call me, ask questions, or request a new workout routine when needed.


Set Goals and Keep Them

by Big Cedar Lodge 20. September 2012 16:19
Question #4

Q: What tips can you give guests in order to not lose sight of their fitness goals?

A: Goals are Goals; if short term goals are not getting you to long term goals, change your reps, intensity, or routine. You have to be willing to change because the same workout is eventually not going to give the same results. Set goals and find creative ways to keep them!


Get Results by Changing It Up!

by Big Cedar Lodge 19. September 2012 16:39
Our third question for John Bennett, Big Cedar Lodge's Fitness Instructor, in our week long series:

Q. What do you think is the most important thing you can teach someone about fitness training?

A. That it has to be varied. It needs to change and be dynamic; otherwise, you get stuck in a rut and it’s easy to lose interest. You can’t just do resistance movements, or weight training, or cardio. They have to vary in order to do the most good. One way to change your workout routine is by changing the volume and intensity. A high intensity workout is complimented by low volume; just as a high volume work out is complimented by low intensity. In other words, high volume (high reps) needs to be executed with low intensity (low pounds), and high intensity (heavy weight) should be executed with low volume (fewer reps). Remember, if your workout program is not working, be ready to change it up in order to get results.

Hanging on the wall as you enter the Big Cedar Lodge Fitness room is Jack Lalanne, known as the "Godfather of Fitness."


Balance Diet and Exercise

by Big Cedar Lodge 18. September 2012 13:22
Big Cedar Lodge Fitness trainer, John Bennett, tackles our second fitness question in our week-long series.

Q: Is it all about exercise or do you have to change eating habits for fitness training to work?

A: It is at least 50/50—but “eating habits” are more than just eating sensibly. It’s about how much you eat and when. I recommend eating small snacks throughout the day, keeping your insulin levels flat. Try to supplement the three main meals with healthy snacks like nuts and apples. Breakfast should be meatless and include: eggs, fruit, whole grain, but NO sugar. High Fructose Corn Syrup, Cane Sugar, and other forms of sugar need to be completely cut out of your diet. Lunch can be lean meat and salad, and the evening meal something light. A heavier meal is in order if you have completed an evening workout. Remember to eat plenty of cold water fish and fish oils; you can’t get enough of these! Your eating habits are relative to what you’ve done throughout the day. So get up and work out, then have a healthy meal as a reward.


Getting Fit & Staying Fit

by Big Cedar Lodge 17. September 2012 11:49

John Bennett, Fitness Instructor at Big Cedar Lodge, offers some answers to our top five fitness questions. Each day this week, we will share his knowledge with you and also answer any further questions you might have.

Q: I’ve seen pictures of your fitness center and it looks amazing, but can someone really start an exercise program while they are on vacation?

A: Yes, not only can they start one if they have never worked out; but they can get a totally different perspective to achieve fitness goals already set. In starting a new workout schedule, I like to teach form. It is important to do the movement, but more important to do the movement correctly and without injury. I spend time talking to guests about their own personal goals, and develop a workout schedule from there.

Many guests have already started fitness programs but are not getting the desired results. I can help develop a fitness program that will revive and enhance the workout that they are already doing. For example, a guest might be focusing on their core muscles, but your core is not just abdominals; in fact, abdominals are a small part of a core workout. Lateral flexion, spine extending exercises, must also be included when focusing on the core. Also, all torso movements work the core, and it’s important to include rotation movements in order to develop a strong core.

Whether you are new to fitness, or have been on a regiment for years; I can help you accomplish your fitness goals. Stop by the Fitness Center and let me develop a program that will bring results.




Metropolitan Bridal Expo 2012

by Big Cedar Lodge 7. September 2012 11:50

The Metropolitan Bridal Expo took place this past August 19th, 2012 where we got to meet with 550 brides and their families about their wedding day. Big Cedar Lodge and Dogwood Canyon teamed up to create an upscale wilderness table-scape and served items such as fried risotto, Yukon gold fig & cheese chips, dessert shakes, and mini fruit pies. Believe it or not, the inspiration behind the overall design came from a dog.

Leah Hardin, Big Cedar Lodge’s Wedding Planner, visited Scotty Dencklau, dog trainer and owner of Iowa Rivers Kennel. Leah came across a large pile of deer antlers in their barn. In asking about the antlers, she learned that one of their Labradors, Beauty, had been trained to hunt and recover deer sheds. Leah began to envision a beautiful table mixed with deer antlers, light cream flowers with accents of coral, logs, candles, and chandeliers.

The table design came together wonderfully with champagne crinkle linen, coral silk napkins, and beautiful flower arrangements from Artistry in Bloom; specialized copper plated menus designed by Big Cedar’s Marketing team; and an antique chandelier from the first lady of Big Cedar Lodge, Jeanie Morris.

Wondering what happened to the Labrador? Beauty is now living in her new home in Leon, IA on a hunting preserve. And every time the preserve manager lets her out—she comes up with more antlers!

Photographer, Heather Amer, captured the table-scape beautifully. Please check out her blog at:


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