Welcome Our June Horse of the Month, Amigo!

by Big Cedar Lodge 19. June 2013 15:46

Our June Horse of the Month is an Appaloosa horse named Amigo! Amigo came to us in April 2011 through Casey Trost, a wrangler at the stables. Before becoming a trail horse, Amigo was used for roping and other rodeo sports. Amigo not only goes on the hour trail rides at Dogwood Canyon, but is a great cattle drive horse as well as a fun horse for the advanced ride! Next time you come to Dogwood Canyon Stables, be sure to meet Amigo!!



Get Back in the Saddle at Dogwood Canyon

by Big Cedar Lodge 7. June 2013 09:05

Gather your crew and head out to Dogwood Canyon for a private one-of-a-kind horseback view of the majestic Ozark Mountains!  A wrangler will guide your group of up to 6 people on an unforgettable 2 hour trail ride.  Travel up to the tops of the ridges where you will take in some of the most breathtaking 360 degree views the Ozarks have to offer.  Then make your way down the winding valleys and across rolling pastures filled with buffalo and longhorn cattle.  An adventure like this can only be experienced from the back of a horse. Come join us!


April's Horse of the Month: Bandit

by Big Cedar Lodge 12. April 2013 15:28

Our April Horse of the Month is Bandit! Be sure to request him next time you go on a trail ride at Dogwood Canyon. He is a great horse that can do almost anything: trail rides, cattle drives, and advanced rides!  We are lucky enough to have a picture of Bandit when he just a young foal.  He's 17 years old now and still as handsome as he was back then!  He's always ready for a trail ride so come say hello.















Dogwood Canyon: Nature's Adventure Park

by Big Cedar Lodge 13. July 2012 11:06

Are you ready for a break from the big budget theme parks and high-tech roller coasters? Then step aboard the Dogwood Canyon Nature Park tram tour and enjoy an adventure ride of a different kind.

Dogwood Canyon is exactly that—a Canyon with steep cliffs cut into the Ozark Mountains by a constant stream of spring fed waters.  From the moment the towering bluffs come into view, it’s easy to understand why Native people, early settlers, and thieving scoundrels found the area so inviting.  Listen closely as the tram driver brings to life some of their harrowing adventures!

One of the first stops on the tour is the Indian Burial Cave, where a “burial bundle” dating back to 960 AD was discovered.  Next the tram takes Long Pine Crossing, a covered bridge built by members of an Amish community.  Just around the bend, guests find themselves in Ambush Pass.  No need to worry, the hooligans who once lay in wait for unsuspecting travelers have since moved on into the legend and lore of the park.

Further into the canyon, guests are able to view several waterfalls plunging over the towering cliffs.  The crystal clear pools at the base are home to some of the largest trout in the area, making the canyon a Fly Fishing Heaven.  But fishermen are not the only ones drawn to the spring fed waters; the park is rich with animal life including mink, woodchucks, flying squirrels, blue heron, and an occasional black bear.

The highlight of the tour is the beautiful blue-green pool called The Glory Hole.  The unique, natural coloring is created by the water depth and the reflection of light.  Guests can walk up to the observation deck to view the mouth of the waterfall, or feed the fish and take in the majestic setting from the pathways below.   No fishing is allowed in this special place, so the giant rainbow trout grow to unbelievable lengths.

When the tram crosses into Arkansas, the canyon gives way to rolling prairie hills.  Here guests are able to mingle with herds of elk, bison, white tail deer, and Texas longhorn.  If you’re lucky, the king of the Dogwood Canyon Prairie will make an appearance.  Elvis, a hulking American bison, has been known to walk right up to the tram car and proudly pose for a photograph.

Add the Chuckwagon Dinner to your tour, and you’re invited to a campfire dinner complete with singing cowboys, S’mores for dessert, and games for the entire family.  Get ready to duck and dodge because no evening is complete without the epic marshmallow battle between parents and kids.  Afterwards, the trams are loaded while friendly waves and goodbyes are exchanged.

As the trail leads back to the park entrance, it slowly begins to sink in… Before modern day amusement parks, families headed into the closest wilderness area for fun and adventure.  They still do at Dogwood Canyon, and as I overheard several children say when they exited the tram, “It was AWESOME!”  

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park offers guests the thrill and excitement of a themed amusement park, combined with the love and appreciation of our natural resources.  So avoid the long lines and crowded spaces; come to Dogwood Canyon and experience adventure the way Nature intended.

Segways & Nature - A Great Combination

by Big Cedar Lodge 15. June 2010 11:39

Dogwood Canyon now offers segway tours, a unique and environmentally friendly way to connect with nature.  The segways provide a way for you see the park from a different aspect then the tram tours, walking, or biking the trails.  Anyone 10 years or older can ride the segways, and they are super easy to use! 


During the Glory Hole Tour, your guide will take you past Hope Chapel and share with you the rich history of the canyon.  The segway tour allows everyone a chance to get close to Thunder Falls and the Great Spirit Rock Shelter, two immense, natural waterfalls.  A great photo opportunity! On the way back, once you have had a chance to see all of the sights, you might just get a chance to really see how fast you can go on the segway!  But never worry, safety is always our main concern, and helmets are always worn.  After the 90 minutes fly by, the tour ends at the Glory Hole, where you will get to see your guide feed trophy rainbow trout.




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