Are You Ready to Spin?

by Big Cedar Lodge 22. May 2013 14:28

If you are interested in a high intensity, calorie burning, exciting new workout, then Big Cedar Lodge’s Spin Class is perfect for you!  Our Fitness Instructor, Denette, pumps up the music as riders pump the pedals for an energizing 45 minute class.

Denette begins the class with a simple explanation of the basics.  This includes hand positions on the handle bars and adjusting the tension for different inclines. Riders are then fitted to their bikes and away they go!

With her coaching, riders shift tensions for simulated flat surfaces, small inclines, and large inclines.  Riders sit and stand as the tension is released or tightened.  By the time class is complete, you'll know why Spinning can burn up to 500 calories per session; but don't worry, it's great for all fitness levels and each rider selects their own tension.  In other words, this is a personal workout and you set your own pace. But don’t forget your towel and water—you’ll need them!

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Yoga at Big Cedar

by Big Cedar Lodge 11. January 2013 16:37

I have been a long time fan of hitting the gym and starting my days off with a great fitness routine. However, the idea of attending a group yoga class has always intimidated me. For many reasons I just never felt like it was for me.
1.) I like my alone time during my workouts
2.) I don’t know the first thing about “finding my center,”
3.) The amount of insecurities that I imagined would flow through me in such a class were innumerable.
Reluctantly, however, I decided to take part in my first ever yoga class at Big Cedar Lodge. I walked in with butterflies, but was immediately put at ease when the instructor welcomed me with a smile, and was excited to hear that I had never tried yoga before. She didn’t single me out in the class and didn’t make me feel like an alien for being a beginner. She encouraged me, and told me everything I needed to do to get ready. Throughout the whole class she offered clear and detailed instruction in a manner that kept me informed and up to speed, yet didn’t hold up the rest of group. The pace was perfect for both, the beginners and the regulars. Because of her clear instruction, it didn’t take long before I felt I knew what I was doing. Just a few poses into the class, and I was no longer feeling like a beginner! On top of the great instruction and the confidence boost I received, the setting for these classes just happens be in a rustic style Adirondack room, overlooking the expansive Table Rock Lake. Absolute serenity! Although I enjoy the solitude of a morning workout, this was easily the most calming fitness experience of my life. Big Cedar offers so many opportunities, not only to stay in shape, but also to help you try NEW ways to get active.


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Big Cedar is tucked into the wooded hillsides of the Ozark Mountains just 10 miles south of Branson, Missouri on Table Rock Lake. This popular vacation paradise - complete with Jack Nicklaus signature golf course and Dogwood Canyon Nature Park - offers cozy accommodations, delicious dining options and first class service.

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