The True Fundamentals of the Golf Swing

by Big Cedar Lodge 9. June 2010 16:36

This is Part 1 of a series of posts.  We will be explaining what we feel are the true fundamentals of the golf swing.  These are part of the foundation that we try to get our students to focus on for their golf swing.

Grip, aim and posture are a few of the “so called” fundamentals that golfers always hear.  If these are supposed to be the fundamentals of the golf swing, then why have you seen so many different types of variations from so many of the game’s greatest players?

Tiger Woods, the number one golfer in the world, uses a weak left hand grip, while Boo Weekly, considered one of the best ball strikers on tour, uses a strong one.  Sam Snead, winner of 82 PGA Tour events, set his feet closed, yet Jack Nicklaus, winner of 18 major championships, set his feet open to the target.  Dan Forsman, who recently won a Champions Tour Event, bends way over from the waist when he sets up to the ball while Ben Hogan, considered the best ball striker of all time, almost stood straight up.  With so many different variations of the “so called” fundamentals it is no wonder golfers are confused on what to do.  Hopefully we can help!

Here is the first true fundamental that you see in all good players. 

1. The ability to strike the ground in front of the ball every time

Watch any good striker of the golf ball and you will notice their divot is always in front of the golf ball.  How can that be?  It happens because they are able to get the golf club to the low point, or the true bottom of the golf swing.

The low point of the swing is the same for everyone, underneath the left shoulder (right handed golfer).  If we strike the golf ball correctly then our divot will always be in front of the ball.  The reason for this is because the left shoulder is the true center of the swing.  Therefore, until the club gets to our left shoulder it is swinging downward.  Once the club gets to our left shoulder the only place the club can go is up, unless of course we have poor impact alignments.  If a player can learn to achieve the proper impact alignments, then they will have a much easier time getting the club to low point and striking the golf ball more solid.



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