Impact Alignments

by Big Cedar Lodge 18. June 2010 08:00

The following are the alignments that you should strive to achieve (Right handed golfer):

Flat Left Wrist
o A must in every swing.  This is the #1 alignment in golf.  If the left wrist is not flat at impact then it is nearly impossible for us to get the club to low point.
o If the left wrist is flat then there is also a good chance that the clubface is pointing at the target.

- Clubshaft slightly ahead of the ball
o Clubs are designed with the shaft leaning forward.  That is the true loft of the golf club.
o When we contact the ball with the shaft leaning backwards we are adding loft to the club.  We have just turned a 6 iron into a 7 iron.

- Left arm extended and connected to the left chest
o With the left arm extended this ensures that we have maintained our swing radius and with the left arm connected to the left chest this keeps the body and arms working together.

- Majority of the weight on the left leg
o Remember the low point of the swing is under the left shoulder.  If the weight is on the right leg at impact then our low point has moved back and we will hit behind the ball.  I have never seen a great player with more weight on their right foot than left at impact.

- Right forearm and clubshaft for a line
o From a view down the target line, the right forearm and shaft should make one line.
o This alignment provides support into and through impact and helps us keep the golf club on plane.

- Head is between the feet
o When our head stays between our feet this allows us to have the proper amount of axis tilt with our spine during impact.

- Shoulders and hips slightly open.
o Hips will be open more than the shoulders.  How much they are open will depend on the type of ball flight you are wanting.

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