Clipas: A Perfect Purse Invention

by Big Cedar Lodge 21. June 2010 13:23

Do you ever take a second to think about where your purse has been?  If you are like most ladies, that purse follows you wherever you go, picking up all kinds of germs along the way.  In 2006, Elisabeth Leamy, a reporter with ABC News and Microbiologist Chuck Gerba, found that women’s purses are a Mecca for organisms that make us sick.  "We found fecal bacteria you normally find on the floor of restroom.  We found bacteria that can cause skin infections on the bottom of purses. What's more amazing is the large numbers we find on the bottom of purses, which indicates that they can be picking up a lot of other germs like cold viruses or viruses that cause diarrhea."  Coli form bacteria, was found on half of the bags tested.  Translated, that means half of the bags tested showed possible signs of human or animal waste.  Thankfully most of us do not lick our purses!  However, placing that germ infested purse on your dresser, kitchen counter or table just transports those undesirables to another surface.

So what’s the solution to eliminating those pesky parasites? The most obvious solution is being aware of where you throw your purse.  Floors are never a good idea.  We’ve all been there, you’re in a restaurant bathroom, the door won’t shut properly and the purse hook has been yanked off the wall.  So unless you hang your purse around your neck it’s going on the floor. 

Well ladies, the good people of Topcor, created a product with us in mind.  Topcor believes in solutions that are “smart, simple and functional.”  Creating a useful product is not enough, it has work well, look good and feel nice.  Clipas are incredibly easy to use and work well on such items as purses, backpacks, cases, totes, diaper bags and umbrellas.  Their bangle like design makes an attractive bracelet for your arm or ornament for your bag.  They work well on most tabletops and chairs.  Attach the Clipa to the strap of your bag and connect it to the surface you wish to use.  When you are ready to go, just gently pull the strap and you’re off.

Collections Boutique is pleased to offer this inventive new product to our guests.  Stop by today to view our collection of Clipas.  Why not take home a souvenir from your summer vacation that won’t just get thrown in the back of a closet.  So next time you’re faced with the complicated choice of where to put your purse, you will know what to do.      

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