Pork Is Good - Andy Hampshire, Executive Chef

by Big Cedar Lodge 25. June 2010 15:53

I have an addiction to pork and everything about it.

Lots of people think that a pig is a dirty animal. In fact, pigs cool themselves using water or mud during hot weather. They also use mud as a form of sunscreen to protect their skin from sunburn. Mud also provides protection against flies and parasites. A pig will live in any condition and it’s up to the farmer what those conditions are. Pigs are foraging animals, primarily eating leaves, grasses, roots, fruits and flowers. But, they will eat anything if it is put in front of them.

In the restaurant, we use a brand of pork called Berkshire Pork. Berkshire pigs are said to be "Britain's oldest pig breed," originally bred in the Faringdon and Wantage regions of the English county of Berkshire (now Oxfordshire).  These pigs are fed a full vegetarian diet and are let loose in the pasture to roam.

You can eat pork on just about anything. There is a donut shop in LA that has a bacon and maple donut! I‘ve even created chocolate covered bacon. Bacon is one of the most universal food items sold today for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, on a sandwich, or on a baked potato.My addiction to pork started when I was very young. Growing up in England, I ate a lot of pork. One of the first memories is the Full English Breakfast. This is a pork lovers dream:

2 pieces of bacon
2 big pork sausages
Black pudding (a fried tube of meat made out of pork fat and pork blood)
Fried mushroom
Grilled tomato
Baked beans
2 pieces of toast with about an inch of butter

Another favorite is sausage rolls, a savory pork sausage wrapped in flaky pastry and baked till golden brown. I used to get these from the local bakery on a Saturday or Sunday morning. And finally, Pork Pies the old English classic. You take ground pork and spices wrapped in warm water pie dough and bake until golden brown. Then in a little hole in the top you pour in reduced pork stock to make a seal all around the meat and between the pastry so it sets and forms a jelly. These are best eaten cold, UNBELIEVABLE! 

To round up I love Pork so much, I have a tattoo of a pig on my right bicep. From the head to the tail you can eat the whole thing.


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