Controlling the Direction and Curvature of the Golf Ball

by Big Cedar Lodge 9. July 2010 08:11

In Part 1 of The True Fundamentals of the Golf Swing I talked about being able to strike the ground in front of the golf ball every time.  In this part we are going to tell you the truth about ball flight so that you will have a better understanding with what is going on with your golf swing.

The truth is the golf ball leaves at 90 degrees to the clubface at impact and not from the swing path of the golf club.  Curvature of the golf ball is a result of both the clubface and swing path. 

In the picture to the right you can see that the direction the ball takes off is the direction of the clubface.  Although, you can also see that the swing path is moving from out to in, across the ball.  This swing path is going to produce a clockwise side spin, aka a fade or slice spin.  This particular shot would start at the target and curve to the right. 

In order to hit the ball dead straight we would need to have our swing path traveling more along the target line.  For a draw/hook, or a ball that curves to the left, all we need to do is change our swing path to a more in to out motion.
If you can get a general understanding about what determines the direction and curvature of the golf ball, then you can very quickly turn into your own swing coach.


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