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by Big Cedar Lodge 14. July 2010 11:54

As we rolled out of Big Cedar, the fog was just lifting off the lake. It had rained for about an hour, so the water was as smooth as glass.  Not too many boats were out today because the sun was still hiding behind the clouds. We made a quick trip to our favorite cove.  As we arrived, we saw a deer make its way across our cove and out on the other side with her little ones in tow.  As she arrived on the other side we prepared the ski boom for a run. We thought if we hurried we could get one or two barefoot runs down the cove before the sun and its worshipers arrived. I donned the barefoot suit and slid into the water.  As the boat spun around to face the mouth of the cove, our captain hit the throttle. Gliding along the pristine water, I make the tuck and roll to my feet. The shoreline passed quickly as we sped along at 35 mph. It was amazingly peaceful and quiet. Nothing compares to communing with nature and skiing barefoot in the beautiful Ozark Mountains.
We left Big Cedar about 1:00 in the afternoon with a family of three. The young lady with us had never been on the lake before. Although she was 14, she was a professional entertainer who did not have time for recreation. We had the privilege to introduce her to waterskiing. We set out the teaching boom and helped her get on her skis. She grabbed the boom and got up on the skies on her second try. Her parents were ecstatic, but we had just begun. We placed a rope on the boom, and she was up in an instant. It was clear that she was a quick learner. From there we put her behind the boat and again she was up on the first try. Her father commented, “ You have just destroyed a right of passage that I had to endure.  She didn’t have to drag forever and drink the lake. She barely got her hair wet!” Yes, both the times and teaching methods have progressed. We go for success at each stage before we move on. Our young lady moved from just getting up behind the boat to crossing the wake with ease. She was a quick study and learned her new skill in less than 90 minutes. She skied for another half hour, enjoying her new found love of waterskiing. She said she’s looking forward to coming back next year and learning something new…maybe wakeboarding or surfing.  We will look forward to it!

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