Get Results by Changing It Up!

by Big Cedar Lodge 19. September 2012 16:39
Our third question for John Bennett, Big Cedar Lodge's Fitness Instructor, in our week long series:

Q. What do you think is the most important thing you can teach someone about fitness training?

A. That it has to be varied. It needs to change and be dynamic; otherwise, you get stuck in a rut and it’s easy to lose interest. You can’t just do resistance movements, or weight training, or cardio. They have to vary in order to do the most good. One way to change your workout routine is by changing the volume and intensity. A high intensity workout is complimented by low volume; just as a high volume work out is complimented by low intensity. In other words, high volume (high reps) needs to be executed with low intensity (low pounds), and high intensity (heavy weight) should be executed with low volume (fewer reps). Remember, if your workout program is not working, be ready to change it up in order to get results.

Hanging on the wall as you enter the Big Cedar Lodge Fitness room is Jack Lalanne, known as the "Godfather of Fitness."


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